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Cuppa Jo: 1 hour call. This will be you and me focused on not only how it looks now but how you want it to look. And if you’re not sure how you want it to look – don’t worry – I can hear that from you and will help you hear it too.  This call will be recorded so you can go back and reboot again as needed. I’ll also send you an email feedback on any exercises or extra help that I come up with after reviewing our call.  Fee: $175

Mo’Jo:  2 hour call. This takes the 1-on-1 to a whole ‘nother level. It allows more time to get even more detailed, bringing not just clarity for you but direction and a plan for you follow through with. It’s recorded but will also have a follow up email. I’m a big time note taker. So Mo’Jo has the work, the recording plus an email with more feedback from me and any exercises, meditations, guided imageries, etc. Things that I think will be helpful. We’ll also have a 15 minute follow up call 2 weeks later to touch base for any questions or additional help.  Fee: $350


If you have some questions about how this works, well  here is how.

I made a form  to help you get clear.

Here’s a quick questionnaire

Fill it out and  email and I’ll let you know what I see. And then we can go from there.

Thanks for reaching out.




1609680_716251261726944_652656096_n“I have big aspirations as an artist and as the world starts to notice, sometimes I fly too high too fast and I feel like I lose oxygen. Having someone who knows you and has the tools to help you keep flying a little safer but never lower is key. That’s where Jo comes in. I can get overwhelmed, think too much and believe false stories about myself. Jo is like the magic juice that I drink to move through those fears each time they show up. ”

~ Jeanne Bessette



“I think there’s always a bit of skepticism especially when you’re a counselor as well and you don’t KNOW the person.  LOL!  But on another forum you mentioned that you too seek out the help of others from time-to-time it really resonated with me.

The fact that you made the connection in those 2 issues in my life was HUGE!  As soon as you said it my head went “DUH!”  Why I never picked that up before, who knows but I definitely believe in “what you put out there” comes back.  I just couldn’t seem to stop myself from worrying. I’d love to say I’ve STOPPED that sort of thinking completely but the difference is when it comes into my brain, it’s a conscious thought to stop it.  I just say ENOUGH!  I moved forward more this week than I have in a long time.

I’m changing the mind set, one thought at a time!”

~ Janet Jorgensen  CanineVillage


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