judson_grace_d2_smaller  “Choosing someone to work on deeply personal stuff feels risky. So it took me some time – some time listening in on Jo’s Facebook group, some time hearing what others had to say about her work – to decide that Jo could be the right person to help me get through some internal road-blocks, the stories I’ve been telling myself about invisibility and whether I actually deserve to have a successful business.

I couldn’t have made a better decision. Jo is gently wise, with a fascinating and powerful set of tools and an amazing ability to hear beneath the spoken words into what’s going on underneath. The exercises she guided me through brought me to a whole new awareness of my internal landscape, revealing how old messages from the past have kept me from showing up as myself in my work. And the results of those exercises have continued to unfold in the weeks and months after our work together, in ways that sometimes surprise me and always delight me. It’s beyond cool to have such a sense of yes, this is who I am, and it’s who I’m supposed to be, and it’s enough.

Thank you, Jo, for your warmth, wisdom, compassion, and skill.”  ~ Grace Judson


1609680_716251261726944_652656096_n“I have big aspirations as an artist and as the world starts to notice, sometimes I fly too high too fast and I feel like I lose oxygen. Having someone who knows you and has the tools to help you keep flying a little safer but never lower is key.

That’s where Jo comes in.

I can get overwhelmed, think too much and believe false stories about myself. Jo is like the magic juice that I drink to move through those fears each time they show up.
~ Jeanne Bessette


Before I met with Jo, I had no idea what to expect.  I was a little nervous and apprehensive.  But in probably the first minute, all that worry disappeared.  Working with her truly is, as she says, like talking with a very objective friend.  I noticed amazing changes in myself from that very first day that grew over our time together, and have since continued to grow.

She was somehow able, in 4 short sessions, to help me clear out all the self-doubt, all the false expectations, that had clouded me my whole life from seeing what I really want for myself.  And, once I finally was able to see it, she helped me find a straight path.

She is the first person who has not only called me on my negative patterns of thinking, but challenged them in such a clear way that I had no choice but to discard them.  She gave me new ways to look at challenges, so now instead of seeing roadblocks, all I see is road.  I am more empowered, more at peace, less stressed, and, best of all, happy with the life I am making for myself. ”                                                        ~ D. B. Jacksonville FL



Minda Larsen Singer Actress


474651_375248952496159_913265228_o“I suppose I was skeptical in the sense that I had no idea what to imagine in terms of solutions, but that’s the reason I decided to share this “stuck spot,” because I needed an idea outside of my own.

I feel like I’m back to the heart of it all and centered again.  Even just filling out the questionnaire helped me see things more clearly so I could begin changing my direction before I even got my Shot of Jo.  Listening to it, though, helped me get even clearer on the whole situation and understanding my role in it and why one day was so important to me.

Absolutely brilliant, Jo.  Super-simple, super-helpful, and painless.  I love it because I don’t feel like I’m losing a part of myself or losing the “truth” of the situation.  It’s just a simple shift of additional truth, not an affirmation that’s tough to believe in the moment, just an answer to a question.  Thank you, thank you!      

~ Skye Kooyman  Music Teacher  California


“I started working with Jo before I went to study art with Jeanne Bessette (at Jeanne’s suggestion). Jeanne told me that Jo was a magician. I’ve worked with many coaches, many whom I have considered magicians. But none with as much magic as Jo possesses.

She has a gift to go inside and see the most minor issue that needs to be tweaked. After all, if your foundation isn’t solid – nothing will be stable on top.

She has insight and she has finesse. I call her a Momma Bear frequently because it always feels like she is holding you in love while you work through your issues, with such love and ferocity, that no one would cross her.

She has done more than change my life – she has become a friend – and I am ever so grateful.

~Paula Jones   Paula Jones Art

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