Free Stuff

Here it is.

Gifts – all shapes, forms and kinds – from me to you.
Like it’s your birthday all year long.
Come back around. I’ll keep adding gifts.
‘Cause I love a party and this is really fun.


Here’s a list of the Freebies. The details are below.

  • Circle of Awesome: An exercise that helps you access your own powerful resources. Yes. You have them. MP3 Download
  • Google Mind: My take on how our minds can act just like search engines. Vimeo Video
  • And Now I Can: A  Guided Imagery to help boost your self-confidence. MP3 Download
  • Releasing Pain: A Guided Imagery that helps ease physical pain. MP3 Download.
  • Give Me Five: An easy exercise that can help you start seeing the Good Things you do every day. PDF Download


Circle of Awesome

This exercise is a way of amping up the power that’s already inside you. Yep. Using what you have and layering it for a foundation for you to complete new tasks, start new beginnings, make decisions, or just relax and enjoy your life.

As with any exercise or new skill, the more you practice the better you will become.  Just click on the little dude  stepping into the circle.






Google Mind



And Now I Can

Thinking about starting a new project or activity?  But wind up thinking more about how you really don’t have what it takes? Don’t feel alone. It is so common. I hear it a lot.  I created this Guided Imagery MP3 to  help you get past all that. Less than 10 minutes long, it’s designed to gently encourage you to see the value and worthiness that you already have inside.  As you listen and relax in a quiet comfortable place, this MP3 will help your mind skip past all those stories and excuses you use to stop yourself.  And open up new options.  Just click on The Little Dude in the Purple Chair.








Releasing Pain

When you have pain, the body tenses up around the area, and then the pain hurts more, right?  Then you get frustrated, which brings more stress and more tension.

Till DAMN! this is really really hurting!! This free MP3 visualization is designed to take your mind to a place of calm, then gently allows and encourages your body to relax and let go; to release pain and the tension it brings.  Just click on the Little Headache Dude for your download. PS And feel better soon!






Give Me Five

We spend a lot of our time, looking for those High Bar Achievements. The big sale, the extra client, or the house completely cleaned. And when they don’t show up, the Low Bar criticisms come running through the door. “You’re clumsy, dumb, or lazy”  and a lot more. Running on loops in our head. We actually train ourselves to talk mean to ourselves. Kinda crazy making, isn’t it?  The Good News?  We can train ourselves differently. We can reboot our operating system to start acknowledging how much we actually do well.  And this exercise can help. It takes very little time – just a few minutes a day – but it can make big changes in how you talk to yourself.


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