“It isn’t what happens to us that causes us to suffer; it’s what we say to ourselves about what happens.” ~Pema Chodron
Suffering is different from pain.

Pema explains that pain is the unavoidable and suffering is something that could be avoided.

And most of your suffering is tied up in your past thoughts.

Thoughts  that aren’t totally true.


Yep. The Real Thought is not exactly the way you see it in your mind.

Because you recode that thought to what it means to you.

You aren’t an iPhone capturing the exact moment in time.

It’s like when you go to a movie with a friend. Afterwards you saw things she didn’t and vice versa.  You understood the meaning of it different than she did.

And that’s because you’re a unique human – with feelings.

Not a Smart Phone.

A human that thinks in stories – not data.

Your thoughts of suffering are going to be like a story you tell yourself.

And you recode like this with everything.

Your thoughts, your language.

Your conversations with others.

You translate your world in your own unique way.

You involve your feelings, your sounds, your visuals.

But the even bigger question is this.

Why are you more focused on these Inaccurate Thoughts?

Why does your mind keep dropping backwards and holding on to suffering?

Quantity and Quality.

There’s more of them.

And you focus on them a lot more.

And by more I mean using:

More images.
More sounds.
More kinesthetic feedback.
More to see.
More to hear.
More to feel.

All those senses make the thought become real to the mind.

And the more you think about it the more the suffering appears.

All these stories cloud your mind and you focus less on your future because there’s less of it.

But you can change that.

You can take all the tools of the mind that you use to build your suffering thought  – images, sounds, kinesthetic feedback – and use them to build  your future.

As you focus on the future you move your mind’s attention to new options and away from the suffering.

You move away from the Should Have talk in your mind.

And on to the What’s Next?

Peace Out


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Nothing gets done in this world without some kind of tools.

You eat with a spoon and fork.

You work with pens and computers.

You clean your home with vacuum cleaners and brooms.

There is not a day that you are not using multiple tools to make your life easier.

So why not use tools to make your THINKING easier?

This free 15 minute download explains how you can use some powerful tools for your mind.

Language – The words you use and how you talk to yourself .


Anchors – Personalized tools to help you feel better and improve your world.

Download now

So onward y’all to creating the world you want.



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