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So . . . here we are. Two virtual (literally) strangers gettin’ to know each other.

In my line of work, I talk to people about their mindset. The thoughts you hold in your mind as true. I talk to people about what’s working and. . .  what ain’t.

When your Mindset is looking for the best for you and helping you obtain the life  you want, well it’s Christmas in Paris right?

But when your Mindset is giving you bad mumbo-jumbo talk, then you’re up that Proverbial Creek without a paddle.  Because no matter how hard you try to learn a skill set or accomplish a task, if your Mind is feeding you crap saying you can’t do it, or it’s not good enough or who do you think YOU are to do this? Well – stuck you will stay.

Your Mindset is the whole of all  the beliefs you carry around with you. I have lots of Mindset threads that I’m not even aware of.  For example, when I think a thought like – ‘I need a glass of water from the kitchen.’ I believe that my body will do that for me. I believe that. AND I never consciously think about all it takes to do that. I just walk in to the kitchen.

But in truth, my mind IS thinking about it. It has a thread  that it’s run for decades, that conveys information to all my body parts that need to be involved in this walk to the kitchen. I just don’t notice the thread. But it’s there.

Your Mindset determines how you keep entering the world AND directly effects how the world responds back to you. If your Mindset is balanced then everything moves along better. Because Mindset? It’s The. Game. Changer.

Mindset can be obvious. But like the walk-to-the-kitchen example, Mindset can be hidden too.

If your Mindset has you pinned to the floor, then you’ll be on the Struggle Bus. Running loops of negative beliefs in your head 24/7 and stopping yourself from living the life you want.

But the Good News? You can change the way you think. You can reset your mind.

You’ve created both these Mindset reactions. The positives and the negatives. And even the negative one was probably because of some situation that you needed protection around.

The trouble rolls in when the  negative Mindset takes over. Even when it’s not true or appropriate to the situation you’re in.

My work can help change that.

And it doesn’t take months and months. It can happen in one call.

But if you’ve more questions? Just write.

Much Love


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“I suppose I was skeptical in the sense that I had no idea what to imagine in terms of solutions, but that’s the reason I decided to share this “stuck spot,” because I needed an idea outside of my own.

I feel like I’m back to the heart of it all and centered again.  Even just filling out the questionnaire helped me see things more clearly so I could begin changing my direction before I even got my Shot of Jo.  Listening to it, though, helped me get even clearer on the whole situation and understanding my role in it and why one day was so important to me.

Absolutely brilliant, Jo.  Super-simple, super-helpful, and painless.  I love it because I don’t feel like I’m losing a part of myself or losing the “truth” of the situation.  It’s just a simple shift of additional truth, not an affirmation that’s tough to believe in the moment, just an answer to a question.  Thank you, thank you!

~ Skye Kooyman   Teen Pulse


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